The bottle opener syndrome

Have you ever been confronted to one of these bottle openers, so sophisticated and complicated, that it takes you longer only to figure out how it works than to actually open the bottle? Well, I have. And it seems that the same happens in the IT world. Too many features, non user-friendly interfaces, hours and hours of endless training to be able to use one damn software…

Actually, it is a trap we all have been tempted to fall into. It happened to us : willing too much to add features to fit particular clients’ needs in what should have been a generic product, we were starting to kill it. Some say less is more, they are probably right. We reworked our strategy.

For our professional file sharing YobiDrive, one of our core and directing values was simplicity. It had to be simple. End of the discussion. First, we worked on shaping the interface so that it was as intuitive as possible. It might still not be perfect, so we’ll keep on improving this part.

Then, our second idea was to bring document management functionalities into the application and to have the users using them … without even knowing anything about document management.


The notion of “publication”, for instance, is extracted from document management. You need to know that the information that you share (or that is being shared to you) is the right one. Fair enough. A current problem is that we tend to exchange, by email or by classic file sharing systems, tons of information and then spend a crazy amount of time trying to know which one is the right one. Sharing is good. Sharing the right information is better.

These notions of publication are integrated in the simplest way in YobiDrive, so that, without having to go through any training, you enjoy some of the concepts referring to document management such as sending tagged and validated information while keeping tracks of the previous versions.


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