Community Edition is out!

In fact it’s out there since Friday and has already been downloaded many times! Now you can download a free bundle with a single server YobiDrive Y3 sharing platform and YobiDrive FX professional file sharing. That’s a great way to start building your own, private file sharing solution.

And there’s more than that:

- This version is limited to 10 registered users, but unregistered users are unlimited: you may use it as an private alternative to large file sending solutions, including the cloud version of YobiDrive FX!

- Non-profit organisations may ask us to unlock the 10 users limitation: we know most of those organisations have a huge need for sharing information. They can now rent a cheap virtual machine in the cloud, install the bundle, ask us for unlimited users unlocking and go! And that, even if they have thousands of contributors…

- Even if you aren’t a NPO, tell us about your company and needs: in many case we will upgrade the user limitation

- Finally, if you want to build a sharing solution that will be unique to your organisation, YobiDrive Y3 Community Edition is the way to go: the full code of the YobiDrive FX front-end is released under Apache 2 license, making it a great starting point for your unique professional solution.


Download now!

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